Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm now a Certified Wind Turbine Technician:

Hello sisters, Really enjoy reading about whats going on in everyones lives and thank you all for keeping us up to date with the upcomming events. Wish I had more time to sit down and write to give input of happenings and events... but that Wind Turbine School took all my waking hours.

Now I'm finished with that portion of school & elected to take "Crane signaling", "Rigging" and become a Certificated "Rough Terrain Forklift Operator" (all offered by the same school; AirStreams Renewables, here in Tehachapi, Ca.

Looking like I'm going into the construction of building these Mega-Watt Monsters...really want to know everything abouth these turbines; from below ground to the wind that sweeps across their 128 ft +'ll make me a better Wind Turbine Technician in the end.

Telling you sisters & brothers this Wind Turbine Business is AMAZING and job security is there!!! Wish I knew about it 20 years ago.

A few months ago their was a small group of Harley Riders who put a ride together to help promote getting women into the this "Wind Turbine Business" the article was called "BIKERS BACK WOMEN IN WIND POWER". Called "THE RIDE FOR WIND", the second annual event it cruised over 250 mi through various Wind Farms and also bars. Was a pretty cool write up and women are just starting to get into this business, looking forward to being able to work side by side to some soon.

Haaaa; actually it kinda reminds me back in the days where you hardly ever seen any fellow women riders going cross country and only a select few riding.
Hopefully I can also be a part of bring more women into the Wind Turbine Business. Theres amazing oportunities as I am finding out. Oh If you want to read the article I added it onto the comment section below.

Catch ya on the FLY... 1 Down 5 Up & TWIST THAT WICK!!!!!
Sincerely Freedom;
I prefer the dangers of Liberty then the peace of Slavery.


  1. Heres the article: I thought it was really great so had to share; BTW; wages are very good; if anyone you know interested...feel free to drop me a line.
    Sincerely Freedom


    KIMBERLY GRAY Special to the Reporter-News
    Saturday, May 22, 2010

    The motorcycle riders were mostly men — but they were riding Saturday for a women’s cause.

    The motorcyclists’ 250-mile ride through wind energy country was intended to raise awareness and funds for women entering the wind energy business.

    Called the Ride for Wind, the second annual event attracted about 20 riders for the start of the ride in Sweetwater, according to organizer Chris Dehart.

    Dehart is a project leader for Shermco Industries, the primary sponsor of the event, and Dehart was a participating rider.

    Dehart said the number of riders was more than double the number for their first Ride for Wind held last year near Possum Kingdom.

    Scott Meador, a vice president with Shermco and also one of the riders, said Ride for Wind is meant to bring attention to the wind industry and the women who work in that industry, and to raise funds for Women of Wind Energy.

    Although registration fees for the event are part of the proceeds, Meador said most of the money comes from sponsors of the ride.

    Meador added that organizers hoped to raise between $6,000 and $8,000.

    Nancy Howlett, president of the West Texas chapter of Women of Wind Energy, said the proceeds will go to funding scholarships for women who wish to enter the wind industry.

    “Half of the funds will go to fund scholarships to the TSTC (Texas State Technical College) wind program,” she said. TSTC West Texas offers a degree program in wind energy technology.

    The group also plans to fund scholarships at the Ann Richards School for Girls in Austin, where Women of Wind Energy conducts some safety training.

    The West Texas Women of Wind Energy chapter now has about 70 members, “which is great for this area,” Howlett said.

    Howlett’s chapter also has some very active members in the Buffalo Gap area where riders planned to make their first stop of the day Saturday.

    The motorcycle ride included about 250 miles of wind turbine country. The riders started off in Sweetwater, went south on Highway 70 through Nolan and made a pit stop in Buffalo Gap. Then they went through Blackwell and Bronte and had lunch in Robert Lee at the Wild Cat Café.

    Riders then made their way back to the north through Colorado City and made a stop in Snyder at the Manhattan Coffee House and Big Apple Deli. One rider, Keith Smith, said he enjoys the ride, but it’s the stops for food and visiting with other riders that really makes the trip.

    Smith said he does about three or four of this type of fundraising motorcycle rides each year. Like most of the other riders, he works in the wind industry in West Texas.

    Riders then returned to Sweetwater, where they gathered at the headquarters of Texas Wind Energy Clearinghouse at 5 p.m. for food, visiting and door prizes.

    Meador said that at each stop riders would receive a playing card. Whoever had the best hand at the end of the trip was to win a new electric bicycle, which they had on display during registration.

  2. I would like to see next year a woman back motorcycle club at the event...

    -Chris Dehart-

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