Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Book Signing At Hal's Harley-Davidson

Gina Woods, James Richard Larson and Vicki Sanfelipo on December 22, 2010, at Hal's Harley-Davidson in New Berlin, WI during a book signing for Biker Chicz of North America.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Biker Chicz of North America - TV Ad

Click on the link to watch the television ad for Biker Chicz of North America, a new book by Edward Winterhalder & Wil De Clercq, that will be available where ever books are sold on Dec. 1st in more than 150 countries.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Biker Chicz Of North America - About The Book

In Biker Chicz of North America, Edward Winterhalder and Wil De Clercq have compiled in-depth profiles of twenty-two fascinating women who ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Each chapter features an individual whose life story is compelling, intriguing, fascinating, and inspirational.

Global studies indicate that 12 to 18 percent of motorcycling enthusiasts are women. The number of women motorcycle riders in North America has increased exponentially since the early 1990s, and that exciting trend continues. American Motorcycle Industry Council statistics indicate that over one million new motorcycles were sold in the United States in 2008. Of that impressive number more than 100,000 were sold to women.

While each woman featured in this book is unique and extraordinary in her own right, there are, not surprisingly, certain attributes they all have in common. In addition to being avowed motorcycle riders—they live to ride and ride to live—they are successful, intelligent, freethinking, adventurous, creative, inspiring, and tenacious. They are women who have followed their dreams and dared to live life on their own terms. All are survivors who boldly took on challenges that many of us—men or women—would find daunting. Some of them came by their success easily, others by triumphing over adversity.

Despite their common traits, most are as different as night and day. Some are introverted, others extroverted; some are family oriented, others are loners. They’ll be the first to admit, however, that without their Harleys, they would not be who they are today. Their beloved motorcycles are what defines them and what sets them apart from their nonriding sisters.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Biker Chicz of North America - Worldwide Distribution Agreement Signed With Ingram Book Company

We are pleased to report that a worldwide distribution agreement has been signed with the Ingram Book Company, which means that Biker Chicz of North America, All Roads Lead To Sturgis: A Biker's Story, and The Mirror: A Biker's Story, can be purchased where ever books are sold, in more than one hundred and fifty (150) countries.

Please tell everyone you know that Biker Chicz of North America is now available for pre-order where ever books are sold worldwide, and that the book will be published on December 1, 2010.

Please also help to spread the word that All Roads Lead To Sturgis: A Biker's Story and The Mirror: A Biker's Story are now available for purchase where ever books are sold worldwide.

For more information, go to

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Biker Movie Night Events Are Coming Soon To A City Near You!

In conjunction with local Harley dealers and their HOG chapters, Biker Movie Night events are sponsored by Blockhead City. Normally seen at single screen art house (art deco) cinemas nationwide, these family friendly stellar events offer an evening of great biker entertainment showcasing episodes from the Biker Chicz, Hog Heaven and Living on the Edge TV series.

You can see more about this by going to and clicking on the "Movie Nights" button.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Free to BE!

The motorcycle teaches you one of the greatest lessons:  you are free to be exactly who you are in maximum overdrive all the time and nothing else matters but truth.  You can let your hair down all the time if you want to.  You can dress anyway you wish.  Own your road.  You can ride to your own rhythm.  That is what my new photo shoot with Stacie Huckeba is all about.  It is the first session in a series of three.  She perfectly captured my spirit in these photos and my presence on this earth as I ride, even though the photos are not exactly of me riding.  In this photo, I am wearing a belly dancing top and feather.... I am as light as a feather as I dance to the sensuous rhythm of the road. 

There are four ladies on the road right now who are super inspirations to us all who are part of the Biker Chicz girl power team:  Cris Sommer Simmons who is about to undergo the motorcycle journey of a lifetime on a 1915 Harley-Davidson for the Motorcycle Cannonball Run

And Laura Klock and her daughters who have set records all over the Bonneville Salt Flats.  These ladies represent Free to BE!  They define determination and can do attitudes.  

Make sure you visit their websites.  Make sure you live today free to BE exactly who you are and if you're still exploring who you are...have alot of fun doing it!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Winterhalder E-Books Now Available Through Amazon For Canadian & American Kindle Readers

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"All Roads Lead To Sturgis: A Biker's Story" (Book 1 of the series); "The Mirror: A Biker's Story" (Book 2 of the series); and "The Assimilation" are all now available through Amazon for download into the Kindle e-book reader.

To purchase inexpensive e-book versions of these books, you can click on the following link:

Purchase Winterhalder E-Books at Amazon

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ladies On Harleys Ride To Raise Money And Awareness For Injured Veterans

They call themselves The Diamond Posse

By: Michelle Lowry


June 24, 2010

Muskogee, OKLA - One stop along their journey took them to meet veterans at the Muskogee VA.

They share their personal stories of service and hope to those who have served our country.

And five women riding Harleys certainly get noticed everywhere they go.

The group raised $5,000 for the Fallen Heroes Fund. You can still find out more and donate at

Sunday, June 20, 2010

'Biker Chicz' Filming Starts

By Bea Lewis

Laconia Citizen

June 20, 2010

LACONIA — Eight members of a Boston-area, all-female motorcycle club called the East Coast Biker Chicks soon will be featured in a new television series.

Filming for the "Biker Chicz" docu-reality series started Saturday during Laconia Motorcycle Week in the city and will continue in eastern Massachusetts throughout the summer.

"Biker Chicz" will focus on the positive aspects of the Harley-Davidson biker lifestyle and is being produced by an Oklahoma production company, Blockhead City Entertainment.

"Our intention is to produce a happy, feel-good television series that will be enjoyable to watch, and realistically capture the true nature of bikers, their spirit and the Harley lifestyle — this series will be just the opposite of what you see in shows like Sons of Anarchy and Gangland," said Executive Producer Edward Winterhalder.

Winterhalder, a biker personality, author and the creator of the "Biker Chicz" TV series, has been riding Harleys since 1974. His books about the biker lifestyle are published in multiple languages and sold worldwide.

"Because I have lived the biker lifestyle myself for more than thirty-five years, I feel confident that I can accurately capture for TV what really goes on in the life of a biker on a day-to-day basis," he said.

Louisa "Lucky" Belcamino, the founder and current president of the East Coast Biker Chicks, said she is excited to be a part of the project.

"Thank God someone is finally going to show the world that bikers are ordinary people from all walks of life; regular people that have families and jobs, who enjoy riding Harleys in their spare time and giving back to the communities in which they live when they can," Belcamino said.

Another Harley rider featured in the "Biker Chicz" TV series, Annie Concemi, who was recently profiled on TLC's series, "What Not To Wear," was adamant when she said, "Everyone I know is sick and tired of all of the negative television these days, where everyone argues and fights for sixty minutes — 'Biker Chicz' will be a breath of fresh air as far as I am concerned."

Belcamino, the owner of a part-time catering business, is also no stranger to the limelight. Three years ago, she placed 12th in the woman's no limit hold 'em World Poker Finals at Foxwoods.

She said her love of motorcycles started when she was a kid when she rode minibikes and would frequently wreck in her efforts to go faster.

While she suffered some scrapes and bruises, she was never seriously hurt and credits those early days with helping her to become a confident and skillful motorcycle rider.

"I'm really kind of overwhelmed. It's just little old me from Redding, Mass.,"she said of being the star of a television series.

Eighteen members of the club, which is now 150 members strong and has chapters in three states, rode up to Laconia to participate in filming on Saturday, including a stop at Laconia Harley-Davidson in neighboring Meredith.

Belcamino said a growing number of women are giving up the back seat on bikes and doing the driving for themselves, noting Harley-Davidson has reported a 25 percent spike in women buying motorcycles in just the past decade.

"Women have progressed into their own individualism," she said. "It's about the sisterhood and the camaraderie," she said.

"It's empowering to be able to ride," said Ann Cote, director of East Coast Biker Chicks Maine chapter.

A resident of Falmouth, Maine, Cote said, the growing number of women riders is an untapped market.

"I like the camaraderie and the air in your hair," said club member Jodi Kaskiewicz of Danville, who rode to the event with her wife, Joan, an accountant who serves as the treasurer for the Boston and Maine chapters.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm now a Certified Wind Turbine Technician:

Hello sisters, Really enjoy reading about whats going on in everyones lives and thank you all for keeping us up to date with the upcomming events. Wish I had more time to sit down and write to give input of happenings and events... but that Wind Turbine School took all my waking hours.

Now I'm finished with that portion of school & elected to take "Crane signaling", "Rigging" and become a Certificated "Rough Terrain Forklift Operator" (all offered by the same school; AirStreams Renewables, here in Tehachapi, Ca.

Looking like I'm going into the construction of building these Mega-Watt Monsters...really want to know everything abouth these turbines; from below ground to the wind that sweeps across their 128 ft +'ll make me a better Wind Turbine Technician in the end.

Telling you sisters & brothers this Wind Turbine Business is AMAZING and job security is there!!! Wish I knew about it 20 years ago.

A few months ago their was a small group of Harley Riders who put a ride together to help promote getting women into the this "Wind Turbine Business" the article was called "BIKERS BACK WOMEN IN WIND POWER". Called "THE RIDE FOR WIND", the second annual event it cruised over 250 mi through various Wind Farms and also bars. Was a pretty cool write up and women are just starting to get into this business, looking forward to being able to work side by side to some soon.

Haaaa; actually it kinda reminds me back in the days where you hardly ever seen any fellow women riders going cross country and only a select few riding.
Hopefully I can also be a part of bring more women into the Wind Turbine Business. Theres amazing oportunities as I am finding out. Oh If you want to read the article I added it onto the comment section below.

Catch ya on the FLY... 1 Down 5 Up & TWIST THAT WICK!!!!!
Sincerely Freedom;
I prefer the dangers of Liberty then the peace of Slavery.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Can Good News Sell?

By Ellie Becker

May 17, 2010

To read a good article about whether "can good news sell?" and Edward Winterhalder's DVD Living on the Edge, click on the following link:

Can Good News Sell?

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Motorcycle Meditation

Need a bit of Zen? Even if you cannot go for a ride, just sit on your motorcycle and enjoy the energy of your many road trips that are contained within the spirit of your ride. Connect with that, have a moment of prayer time. Say a few gratitude prayers, ask for direction. Or simply be still and let the RIDE be your guide. Just a moment in the saddle, even without actual throttle motion, can still put your dreams into action and connect you with the higher power of that divine rush found in those magical wind whispering moments:

Spirit of my ride
by my divine guide
align me with that perfect truth
forever my fountain of youth.

Tra, la, la, la, love,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Throttle Therapy

One of the greatest escapes in all the world is simply to be still while twisting the throttle. How is THAT so? Stillness in spirit. Active in body. Open in mind. Still. Active. Open. That is throttle therapy. That is stillness as you listen to the Creator that is pure truth and being open to the journey filled with opportunity and active at simply living in the moment and going with the flow. Though your schedule may be crazy with ta-dos and the like, within that schedule, there be some saddle time awaiting you. Grab some. xoSasha

A great Spring Morning

This is a great morning for the individuals who are able to ride. It's has that slight breeze that reflects refreshing
Early each morning I venture into the world with a young lady, named Spirit. Our job is to inspect the world around us, greet our neighbors, and arouse energy for the day rising around us.
As I approach my house, the neighbors either quietly greet or yell, their ' Good Morning".
then I smile to myself, when that bike rolls out of the garage, my neighborhood will all be ready for the great day ahead of us.
My day is complete, it's the journey to challenge what's ahead of me!!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Introduction to the world of Blog

I am introducing myself to this world of blogging. I write a monthly article called, Danni's Times in the Ridersmag here in the province of Ontario, Canada.
The greatest advantage of my article is , it has enhanced the world of motorcycling for myself. Thru the years, I have gathered so many stories , one day, there will be a book. The day will not be here for a while yet, I know there's more stories to follow.
At the moment, we are building a community of Lady Riders, the name is, Ontario Chrome Divas here in Canada. Sisters to the home-based Florida group, Chrome Divas.
Starting out here in Canada is a little tougher than let's say the USA. It could be this is a smaller country, more spread out, the glue is just not here.
Look daily for news on what's important , not what's just there. The important factor is , the month is April and the weather beckons the body to jump on the steel stallion parked in the garage and follow the wind.
I have parked mine for today, the wind was cold, but refreshing. The ride was not long, but it was necessary. Following the wind

Harley Davidson's Women's Celebration in Milwaukee

How many of you plan to attend H-D's celebration weekend May 22nd? I'd like to coordinate an opportunity to meet eachother while you are here if you are planning to attend.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Edward Winterhalder's Appearance & Book Signing Tour Schedule - Indiana, Michigan & Wisconsin - April 2010

International best selling author and television producer Edward Winterhalder will sign books, make personal appearances, do meet-n-greets and have books and DVDs for sale this month at the following locations:

4/15 Thu @ Osborn's Monster Motors in Ft Wayne IN from 2pm to 7pm

4/16 Fri @ Battle Creek Harley in Battle Creek MI from 2pm to 7pm

4/17 Sat @ Capitol Harley in Dimondale (Lansing) MI from 11am to 4pm

4/20 Tue @ Fox 6 News Morning Show from 8:10am to 8:20am

4/20 Tue @ Wisconsin Harley in Oconomowoc WI from 2pm to 7pm

4/21 Wed @ Racine Harley in Racine WI from 2pm to 7pm

4/22 Thu @ Hal's Harley in New Berlin WI from 2pm to 7pm

4/23 Fri @ Uke's Harley in Kenosha WI from 2pm to 7pm

4/24 Sat @ Suburban Harley in Thiensville WI from 11am to 3pm

4/25 Sun @ Giant Swap Meet in Milwaukee Convention Center from 11am to 4pm

Winterhalder is one of the world’s leading authorities on motorcycle clubs and the biker lifestyle; his five books (non-fiction & fiction) are published in multiple languages and sold all over the world.

A Harley enthusiast for thirty-five years, Winterhalder is also the executive producer and creator of the “Biker Chicz” reality television series and the “Living on the Edge” documentary DVD reality series.

In addition to his literary endeavors, Winterhalder is a consultant to the entertainment industry for television, feature film and DVD projects that focus on the biker lifestyle and has appeared worldwide on television networks such as History Television, Prime, CBC, Bravo, National Geographic (Nat Geo), Global and the History Channel.

For more information about Edward Winterhalder, his books, his television shows and his DVDs, please go to:

Winterhalder's Website - Blockhead City

Thursday, April 8, 2010


First I wish to give thanks Edward Winterhalder & Wil De Clercq: It's an honor to chosen and recognized by such well respected, prestigious authors/producers (also known for much more). THANK YOU, your the authority of some of the greatest biker lifestyle books! Your Biker Chicz of North America book, will be a worthy successor and I salute you, all of yours thats involved to the procurement & production of your book, and my fellow talented & impressive "Biker Chicz" that I share the pages with. Ed & Wil; May your fine writings & creations boldly continue with plenty of demand throughout the years to come!

Presently, I'm working on a real tight time frame. I'm packing up ranch. Heading to Calif to begin new educational journey in the Green Collar occupation by becoming a Wind Turbine Technician~ I'll be training in Tehachapi, CA. at a Airstreams Renewables Inc. After that I'll be on them Windmills turbines thats 300+ feet in the air working in the renewable energy industry. I will be taking that career and going much further with it. Ultimetly helping transform homes & neighborhoods into total self sustainability. Going to apply for apprentaceship to help reach that goal at "Worlds Nest" on North Carolina. Amazing Self-Sustaining total community. (

So thats my plans including doing alot of riding between then turbines hah hah. Looking forward to sharing more with y'all later.

(BTW; if anyone knows someone looking for Paso Fino horses; QUICK~look me up~ got some righteous horses for sale!)

End of this month; I'm California bound... giving myself 30 days to get out there from Florida, really going to enjoy the journey & start rebuilding up them journals stories once again. Might start compiling my old journals from my nomad days into a book, now I have some damn good mentors in my network. {{Grin}}}

C~Y'all in the wind!!! One Down ~ Five Up & TWIST THAT WICK...Ride Baby RIDE!!!

(Post more soon).... Thanks again!
Peace, Love & Respect;
Sincerely Freedom

The roads are alive with the sound of music!

Ah! Spring is here and the roar of pipes everywhere is music to the ear. How incredible it is to see so many female motorcycle riders out there twisting that throttle and owning the road?! The sisterhood is stronger than ever before and it's a very exciting time in the culture. Receiving lots of letters from new riders who are transforming their lives on a motorcycle. Dreams are roarrring to life! Anything is possible with a rockin' throttle. Don't you just love this positive energy floating in the wind? Own that saddle time! Giant gratitude to Wil & Ed for including me in this outstanding project. I ride in one heartfelt connection with all the windsisters around the world! Start your engines! xoSasha

Hello from Cris Sommer Simmons

Hi to all of you that I know and I hope to meet those of you that I don't know.

Thanks to Edward for putting this all together and for those of you who have never met Ed, he's awesome... the real deal! We were lucky to get to meet up in Daytona, though it was a crazy, busy day. Hopefully, we can hang out again when we aren't so busy. (His daughter is a sweetheart too!)

I admire all of you and am humbled to be included in your company. Thanks Ed and Wil!

CBS Sunday Morning Show (March 28, 2010) Spokes Women

Featuring Karen Davidson, Cris Sommer Simmons & Gloria Struck (longest active riding member of the Motor Maids), here is a link to the 10 minute segment on women Harley riders as seen on the CBS Sunday Morning Show March 28, 2010:

CBS Sunday Morning Show - Spokes Women

The American Motorcycle Girls: 1900 to 1950 by Cris Sommer Simmons

Cris Sommer Simmons is the author of a wonderful book about women in motorcycling circa 1900 to 1050; the book is called The American Motorcycle Girls: 1900 to 1050 and is available where ever books are sold.

Cris also has a blog about the book, which can be found by clicking on the following link:

The American Motorcycle Girls: 1900 to 1950 Blog

Cris Sommer Simmons & the Cannonball Run

For those of you that do not know, Cris Sommer Simmons is currently preparing for the adventure of a lifetime when she will ride her 1915 Harley from Kitty Hawk NC to Santa Monica CA in September 2010.

If you are interested in "riding along" with Cris on her journey, check out her blog which can be found at:

For more information on the Cannonball Run, go to:

Cannonball Run Website

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Biker Chicz Goinz on.....

Hey there fellow Biker Chicz! I know a few of you from my 20 some years of riding and from being immersed in the life of motorcycling but I don't know all of you. I am hoping that we can use this blog to post things that we are each involved in. Places we are going, events that we are either putting on or attending and in general getting to know eachother even better! While the book took a look back at some of the things that got us to where we are today (Wil you are awesome) none of us would have been chosen among the many female riders if we weren't all making our own history every day!
As for me - I'm off to St. Paul this weekend to teach Accident Scene Mangement Classes to further my life's calling to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists. Next week I'll be meeting with Allstate to work on making plans for bring safety to the forefront of their message to motorcyclists. As their new Motorcycle Safety Spokesperson I will not only tell stories from the female perspective of fingernail polish and paint jobs, but I'll also bring another message - motorcycle safety is everyone's responsibility.
I see my fellow Diamond Posse Crew member, Eldonna Fernandez, has already blogged about that event so I'd like to encourage you to consider following the Diamond Posse on facebook as we complete our mission to help our veterans in a ride across country starting in San Antonio and ending at Harley Davidson's Women's Celebration May 22nd in Milwaukee, WI.
Life is short, there is so much to do! Let's roll.......

Winterhalder Books, DVDs & TV Shows

For more information about Edward Winterhalder, his books, TV shows and DVDs about the biker lifestyle, please join the Fans of Author Edward Winterhalder group on Facebook or visit his website at

Biker Chicz TV Series

For more information about the Biker Chicz TV series, please join the Biker Chicz TV series fan page on Facebook.

Biker Chicz TV Series on Facebook

Diamond Posse Women Riding for Fallen Heroes

Diamond Posse Women Riding for Fallen Heroes

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Diamond Posse wants to help out our men and women who serve in the Armed Forces and is looking for sponsors for their upcoming benefit ride. I’m proud of this great country that I live in and have the utmost respect for the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces. So when I heard about this brave group of women riders who are trying to give back to those who selflessly serve our country, I figured their plight was worthy of passing on.

The Diamond Posse is a group of five women who plan on riding their Harley-Davidsons for 1500 miles in seven days to raise money for the Fallen Heroes Fund. The group’s mission is to ‘give hope and encouragement to veterans who are facing challenges from having served.’ They want to raise public awareness of the challenges our veterans face on a daily basis.

It’s an eclectic group of women, including Cat Hammes, an ICU RN who lost her left leg in a motorcycle accident and Eldonna Lewis Fernandez, a retired USAF MSgt. that served for 23 years and has had to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) personally.

The Diamond Posse will be riding from San Antonio, Texas to Milwaukee, Wisconsin from May 16-23. Their final destination is the Celebrate Women event at Harley-Davidson. They will be stopping at four veterans hospitals along the way and will participate in the Honor Ride with LZ Lambeau on May 21st. All proceeds the Diamond Posse raises will go to The Fallen Heroes Fund. The fund supports The Center for the Intrepid which provides treatment for vets with PTSD, traumatic brain injury, or who have suffered loss of limbs.

The Diamond Posse is seeking contributions of any amount and is also looking for sponsors. They are offering a great sponsorship opportunity for companies to have their brand visible on their chase vehicle for 1500 miles as they travel up I-35 for seven days. The combination of women on Harleys and the chase car tagged with sponsors is sure to attract the eyes of thousands. The Diamond Posse is also looking for sponsors for its Heart of a Military Woman book donation that they are coordinating in conjunction with the event.

It’s a great cause, so if anybody out there feels it in their heart to help out our sisters in the saddle, go to for more information or contact Eldonna Lewis Fernandez at

Harley-Davidson Dealership Hosts A ‘Garage Party’

By Matt Sanctis, Staff Writer

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Phinana Crite of Springfield was about 20 years old when she took her brother’s motorcycle for a test drive.

She ended up crashing through a row of bushes and into a neighbor’s yard. Although she still rides occasionally as a passenger, she never drove a motorcycle again.

But on Wednesday, March 31, Crite, along with about 30 other area women, packed the showroom of Mid-Ohio Harley-Davidson in Springfield to spend a few hours getting comfortable with the bikes. For three hours, the businesses hosted a free women-only “garage party,” teaching guests about everything from proper clothing to how to pick up a motorcycle once it falls to the ground.

Even though she hasn’t driven in years, Crite said she’s thinking of learning to ride again.

“It’s kind of a way to challenge myself instead of just looking on,” she said.

Jennifer Cubbage, marketing director for Mid-Ohio Harley, said there are more women like Crite every year.

In the early 1990s, women only made up about 4 percent of new Harley-Davidson motorcycle riders, Cubbage said. Now, that number is about 12 percent.

This is the third year the business hosted the event, and Wednesday’s was the biggest turnout so far, with about 30 participants, Cubbage said.

Jody Best of Vandalia was one of several women Wednesday who tried to pick up one of the motorcycles after it was laid on its side. Employees showed how to crouch and use momentum from the legs and backside to get the bikes upright.

Best already rides, but the party was a chance for her to gain more confidence on the vehicles and meet other female riders.

Patricia Woods-Smith of Springfield has been riding dirt bikes since she was 7. But she said there’s always something new riders can learn.

“I really find it as a freedom to express yourself,” Woods-Smith said of riding. “It’s something where no one else has any control. It’s you.”

Contact this reporter at (937) 328-0355