Friday, September 3, 2010

Free to BE!

The motorcycle teaches you one of the greatest lessons:  you are free to be exactly who you are in maximum overdrive all the time and nothing else matters but truth.  You can let your hair down all the time if you want to.  You can dress anyway you wish.  Own your road.  You can ride to your own rhythm.  That is what my new photo shoot with Stacie Huckeba is all about.  It is the first session in a series of three.  She perfectly captured my spirit in these photos and my presence on this earth as I ride, even though the photos are not exactly of me riding.  In this photo, I am wearing a belly dancing top and feather.... I am as light as a feather as I dance to the sensuous rhythm of the road. 

There are four ladies on the road right now who are super inspirations to us all who are part of the Biker Chicz girl power team:  Cris Sommer Simmons who is about to undergo the motorcycle journey of a lifetime on a 1915 Harley-Davidson for the Motorcycle Cannonball Run

And Laura Klock and her daughters who have set records all over the Bonneville Salt Flats.  These ladies represent Free to BE!  They define determination and can do attitudes.  

Make sure you visit their websites.  Make sure you live today free to BE exactly who you are and if you're still exploring who you are...have alot of fun doing it!

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