Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Biker Chicz Goinz on.....

Hey there fellow Biker Chicz! I know a few of you from my 20 some years of riding and from being immersed in the life of motorcycling but I don't know all of you. I am hoping that we can use this blog to post things that we are each involved in. Places we are going, events that we are either putting on or attending and in general getting to know eachother even better! While the book took a look back at some of the things that got us to where we are today (Wil you are awesome) none of us would have been chosen among the many female riders if we weren't all making our own history every day!
As for me - I'm off to St. Paul this weekend to teach Accident Scene Mangement Classes to further my life's calling to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists. Next week I'll be meeting with Allstate to work on making plans for bring safety to the forefront of their message to motorcyclists. As their new Motorcycle Safety Spokesperson I will not only tell stories from the female perspective of fingernail polish and paint jobs, but I'll also bring another message - motorcycle safety is everyone's responsibility.
I see my fellow Diamond Posse Crew member, Eldonna Fernandez, has already blogged about that event so I'd like to encourage you to consider following the Diamond Posse on facebook as we complete our mission to help our veterans in a ride across country starting in San Antonio and ending at Harley Davidson's Women's Celebration May 22nd in Milwaukee, WI.
Life is short, there is so much to do! Let's roll.......

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  1. Hi to all of you that I know and I hope to meet those of you that I don't know.

    Thanks to Edward for putting this all together and for those of you who have never met Ed, he's awesome... the real deal! We were lucky to get to meet up in Daytona, though it was a crazy, busy day. Hopefully, we can hang out again when we aren't so busy. (His daughter is a sweetheart too!)

    For those who want to know what I've been up to. I also have a blog for my book, "The American Motorcycle Girls, 1900 to 1950"

    and one for the Motorcycle Cannonball Ride I'm signed up for this coming Fall:

    I admire all of you and am humbled to be included in your company. Thanks Ed and Wil!