Thursday, April 8, 2010


First I wish to give thanks Edward Winterhalder & Wil De Clercq: It's an honor to chosen and recognized by such well respected, prestigious authors/producers (also known for much more). THANK YOU, your the authority of some of the greatest biker lifestyle books! Your Biker Chicz of North America book, will be a worthy successor and I salute you, all of yours thats involved to the procurement & production of your book, and my fellow talented & impressive "Biker Chicz" that I share the pages with. Ed & Wil; May your fine writings & creations boldly continue with plenty of demand throughout the years to come!

Presently, I'm working on a real tight time frame. I'm packing up ranch. Heading to Calif to begin new educational journey in the Green Collar occupation by becoming a Wind Turbine Technician~ I'll be training in Tehachapi, CA. at a Airstreams Renewables Inc. After that I'll be on them Windmills turbines thats 300+ feet in the air working in the renewable energy industry. I will be taking that career and going much further with it. Ultimetly helping transform homes & neighborhoods into total self sustainability. Going to apply for apprentaceship to help reach that goal at "Worlds Nest" on North Carolina. Amazing Self-Sustaining total community. (

So thats my plans including doing alot of riding between then turbines hah hah. Looking forward to sharing more with y'all later.

(BTW; if anyone knows someone looking for Paso Fino horses; QUICK~look me up~ got some righteous horses for sale!)

End of this month; I'm California bound... giving myself 30 days to get out there from Florida, really going to enjoy the journey & start rebuilding up them journals stories once again. Might start compiling my old journals from my nomad days into a book, now I have some damn good mentors in my network. {{Grin}}}

C~Y'all in the wind!!! One Down ~ Five Up & TWIST THAT WICK...Ride Baby RIDE!!!

(Post more soon).... Thanks again!
Peace, Love & Respect;
Sincerely Freedom

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