Monday, April 12, 2010

Introduction to the world of Blog

I am introducing myself to this world of blogging. I write a monthly article called, Danni's Times in the Ridersmag here in the province of Ontario, Canada.
The greatest advantage of my article is , it has enhanced the world of motorcycling for myself. Thru the years, I have gathered so many stories , one day, there will be a book. The day will not be here for a while yet, I know there's more stories to follow.
At the moment, we are building a community of Lady Riders, the name is, Ontario Chrome Divas here in Canada. Sisters to the home-based Florida group, Chrome Divas.
Starting out here in Canada is a little tougher than let's say the USA. It could be this is a smaller country, more spread out, the glue is just not here.
Look daily for news on what's important , not what's just there. The important factor is , the month is April and the weather beckons the body to jump on the steel stallion parked in the garage and follow the wind.
I have parked mine for today, the wind was cold, but refreshing. The ride was not long, but it was necessary. Following the wind

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